As I was unable to make the last week of this lab as I was feeling under the weather, I missed out on a fair amount from the sound of it however I wanted to catch up and decided to go on blackboard learn.

This weeks lab involved sound and listening to different music compositions. This was done in order for us to think creatively as after all we are studying a design module. The soundtrack aimed to generate images, scenes, stories based on our subconscious.

I located the sound file and jotted down my experience after listening to the two different types of music.

The first soundtrack (The Foley Room) instantly made me picture a fighting scene!  I don’t know why but I felt like I was watching a fast moving scene like 25 ninjas running through an alleyway with blades. I felt as if I was trying to keep up, like i was running beside them but they couldn’t see me. As if the ninjas were summoned to a battle! This was very dramatic and exhilarating.

The second soundtrack made me feel afraid, I don’t know why but there was something about the beat from ‘Eclipse of the sun virgin’ that made my heart literally skip a beat. It reminds me of a game that is packed with mystery and clues almost like Tomb Raider but with a twist to it. Underwater! I could hear a crying noise, someone or something crying to be freed but I quite put my hands on it.

The second exercise showed 11 different words. As I wanted to experience the lesson I asked a friend to read them out in order for me to write down a third word associated with the original two words. My 11 words are shown below in bold:

  1. Passion – Train = Romance
  2. Time – Space = Control
  3. Cold – Sand = Nature
  4. London – Shoes = Underground
  5. Bag – Time = Adventure
  6. Something – Air = Divine
  7. Life – Monkey = Evolution
  8. Friend – Moon = Always
  9. Rope – Leaves = Season
  10. Clouds – Hammer = Greek
  11. Love – Wine = Happiness

From this I felt confused about what was these words were for, until after reading the final slide in which it states for a story to be created. This was all about thinking creatively outside the box!

This is not my story… because I can only tell it from her point of view…

ROMANCE was what she craved for. She was 19 when she felt his presence cloud her, it was a presence that kept her up awake late at night. One that was out of her CONTROL. This wasn’t normal, her HAPPINESS was deteriorating all because of one person. She asked the DIVINE to show her the way, to send her a message, anything that will stop this hurting she felt everyday. However SEASONS come and go but her pounding heart continues to bleed, everyday was an ADVENTURE for her. One that would accompany her for as long as he lived. The busy streets of London lead her nowhere, the UNDERGROUND only isolated her from the others; “can a love this strong cause so much pain?” she pondered. The wind blew lightly at her plait skirt, walking slowly out of the station and down the street. She paused outside the natural history museum, looking up at the motionless statue of Charles Darwin his face relentless against the anguish in her heart. She could feel her emotions bubbling up, incapacitating her momentarily… “So much for the theory of EVOLUTION she muttered under her breath, as she strode away, head down and feeling more self conscious than ever. She would rather be an animal! At least NATURE would be on her side and this godforsaken pain will truly disappear. The faint aroma of freshly served food lifted her mood from the slump she was feeling. Almost entranced by the smell, she shuffled down the street to the GREEK diner. Her feet planted to the pavement, unable to move, pinned in place she wished this place would leave her memory. There he was… how could this man have done this to her? A cheap thrill for a night would wrench their love apart forever! For a brief moment she almost walked to him, almost captivated by that demeanor that he oozes with every passing breath. But there was no use, he never truly loved her, no matter how much she loved him. She looked down to the locket around her neck and prised it open gently, a smile grew across her face… she pulled their wedding picture out and blew it into the wind.

“I will love you unconditionally…



I used creativity in order to come up with an effective script idea. I wanted to make it as creative as possible as its only 3 minutes long and with only 3 dialogue. However it needed to be creative and also informative in terms of it needed to keep the viewers interested.

The screenshot bellow shows an edited version of my screenplay that will need further editing. This is due to the feedback received when the screenplay was read out.