WEEK 4- Storyboarding


What we did before the storyboard lesson commenced

In the workshop we watched over the videos produced by different groups. This was done in order to spot mistakes in our short productions and how to avoid it them for next time.

In this weeks lab lesson we looked at storyboarding in which we learnt the importance of storyboards and why they are used/created. From the lesson I learnt that storyboarding is just a simple representation of scenes presented in a visual way, which helps when it comes to filming. It basically allows the director or other people that may potentially need to view the storyboard such as a designer to get an overview of the different scenes in the production. We learnt what should be included in a basic storyboard such as script notes, sound effects, basic illustrations, locations and so on. These elements in a storyboard makes a storyboard easier to understand even if the illustrations are not the greatest.

[NOT PART LAB LESSON, but thought it was important but these two things storyboard and script goes along each other]


In addition to this, I learnt what a screenplay was and how to structure it in the clearest way possible in order for it to be used effectively and understood by numerous people importantly the director and also the actor. The screenplay is the pillar to production and requires a substantial amount of details for it to be used to its full potential. Creating a screenplay allows one to spot corrections for example how to make a particular scene more captivating. [Angelina’s lesson]


From this we went on to review an existing movie (Gravity) that uses a wide range of camera shots in order to capture certain scenes. This started off as guessing what idea of shot we imagined it to be, by reading a snippet of the screenplay as a class then watching what exact camera shots were used to capture these scenes. This was to get us to start thinking about how effective different camera shots can aid to conveying the message or feel a director wants from his or her movies. This allowed us to gather and build our knowledge about camera angles and how to use them correctly.

What we now have to do

The task for this week lab was to complete a storyboard based on the mini clip from gravity viewed in the lesson.

The images below are images of the storyboard which is based on Gravity. This storyboard shows how I imagined the camera angle would look like during the final scenes of the  movie. By producing this storyboard encouraged me to start thinking about my own story for my 3 minute movie in terms of the structure.

The drawings are not the greatest, however is one I feel that is understandable when reviewed. This is the most important thing especially for the next assignment. I want the storyboard to be understandable/usable. If not, it doesn’t serve the purpose of a storyboard.